A guest lecture was given by Dr. Irfan Ahmad Ghazi, a distinguished professor and scientist at the Department of Plant Sciences at University of Hyderabad at CUSB Patna campus on January 30, 2018. The Centre for Biological Sciences (CBS) at the Central University of South Bihar (CUSB), Patna organized a scientific talk on “Biotechnological based approaches for environmental pollution control”. 

While delivering the speech Dr. Ifran said that the pollutants come into the environment through various sources like industries, and through food chain, reach to different trophic levels including plants (vegetables and fruits), meat, fishes and finally to human beings. The heavy metal pollution of Mercury, Lead, Arsenic etc. are very common in the areas near river Ganga including Patna and many other districts of Bihar. Dr. Irfan discussed many different methods of bioremediation which are being used in India and abroad and have great potentials in combating different types of pollutants. Various types of bacteria, fungi, algae and plants are being used for bioremediation process. He emphasized on the use of phytoremediation as very useful tool for cleaning different heavy metals.

He also described various biotechnological approaches that can be used for cleaning the environment and also how important various plants (sunflower, mustard etc.) are for making the surroundings less toxic. He also told about the wet land construction at the University of Hyderabad which is functioning well as bioremediation unit. The talk gave a message “Biotechnology and Phytomining are economic boons for the development of our country”.

Dr. Ghazi has received the Raman Fellowship to do his postdoctoral research in Colorado State University, USA. He is an expert in the field of Biotechnology, further extending his works in plant protection, animal health and food sciences. He was also associated with the Rice genome sequencing project. His current research includes various biotechnological methods to combat different types of environmental pollutants. 

The talk was attended by many faculty members and the Masters and PhD students of Centre for Biological Sciences and Centre for Environmental Sciences at CUSB. Prof. R. S. Rathore (Dean, SEBES) and Dr. Rizwanul Haque (HoD, CBS) thanked the speaker. Dr. Nitish Kumar, Dr. Krishna Prakash, Dr. Lokendra Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Asheesh Shanker, Dr. Amrita Srivastava, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh and many other distinguished professors of CUSB attended the talk.



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