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News & Events

7-Day International Workshop on Yoga June 15-21,2021

A seven-day International Yoga E-Workshop was organized on the occasion of International Day of Yoga (celebrated worldwide on 21st June) at Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) during June 15-21, 2021. The E-workshop was jointly organized by the newly built Dept. of Physical Education and University Sports Committee. The International E-workshop on Yoga to mark the celebration of International yoga day was participated by more than 400 participants across the world. The daily sessions were taken by the Yoga Guru and experts. Under the supervision of Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh, Head, Dept. of Physical Education, Dr. Usha Tiwari, Associate Prof., the Organizing Secretary Dr. Pinto Lal Mondal, Dr. Rahul Singh, Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh, Dr. Jitender Pratap Singh Assistant Director, University Sports Committee and Mr. Rakesh Ranjan(Technical Assistant) and made the event successful.

Day 1.

Yog Guru Shree Santosh Gupta from Honai Viatnam was the expert of Day one (1) of the e-workshop. He explained and demonstrated various asana and pranayama along with their importance in day to day life.
On Tuesday (June 15, 2021) the programme was inaugurated at 7:00 am with the welcome address by Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh, Head, Dept. of Physical Education, CUSB. Further CUSB VC Prof. H.C.S. Rathore as the Chief Guest in his inaugural address talked about the oldest and richest heritage of India i.e. Yoga. He had chanted the Sanskrit Mantra “ sarve bhavantu sukhina :- sarve santu nirmaya” that means whole of the universe should be happy and healthy. He also explained about the benefits of yoga for Physical and mental development and to have sound mind and body. He focused on spiritual and scientific aspects of yoga. In his address he also congratulated and thanked the honorable Prime minister of India Narendra Modi for taking yoga to the global platform. He concluded with his wishes to the department for successful conduction of this workshop.
The advisors duo, Dean School of Education Prof. Kaushal Kishore and Chief Proctor Prof. Umesh Kr. Singh also enlightened all the participants with their words. The programme was compared by Dr. Usha Tiwari and Mr. Mesanguto Meru proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh introduced the experts and also informed about the next day’s schedule to the participants.

Day 2.

The expert of the day was Dr. Prashant Kumar Rai, Associate Professor, Shree Gandhi P.G College Azamgarh U.P.. He enlightened the participants with various types of Pranas, Ashtang Yoga and benefits of yoga in one’s life; He also taught the different methods of Inhale and exhale he also satisfied the queries of participants.
Col. Rajeev Kumar Singh, Registrar, CUSB as Chief Guest shared his experience of army life. How they were taught to survive in difficult conditions and talked about the benefit of being healthy and said that regular yoga and physical activity for 30 min is part of his daily life. He also talked about various types of Yogasanas and Pranayama.

Day 3.

On day three Expert Dr. Laxmi Narayan Joshi, yoga therapist from Haridwar discussed about suryanamaskar, asanas for sciatica, spondylitis, obesity and stress. He also explained the benefit and ways to perform jal-neti. Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh, Librarin, CUSB talked about the history of yoga and efforts of AYUSH in promoting yoga.

Day 4-5.

On day four & five the expert was Dr. Taraknath Pramanik Associate professor, IGIPESS, University of Delhi. He gave deep insight about yoga Asanas and how to perform them with ease along with the contraindications and benefits. Prof. Atish Parashar, Head Department of Mass communication CUSB as the Chief Guest in his address quoted that. “Yoga should be made as way of life”. He added that yoga is not limited to Asanas and Pranayama, it is a process of meditation for awakening of kundalani.

Day 6.

On day six the expert was Ms. Vera Bykova, an expert in therapeutic yoga from Moscow Russia. Ms. Bykova gave deep insight about the importance of yoga asana and pranayama and made the participants to perform along with her. She also informed about the therapeutic value of Yogasanas. She also answered the queries of the participants. Dr.Vivek Narayan, Medical officer, CUSB as the Chief Guest in his address explained the different aspect of yoga, mentioned that doing yoga on regular basis can keep you away from diseases. He explained the importance of yoga in this period of pandemic and use yoga as a rehabilitative method post Covid.

Day 7.

On Day-7, Monday (21st June) as the chief guest of valedictory ceremony of seven-day E-workshop as well as International Day of Yoga celebration CUSB Vice-Chancellor Prof. Harish Chandra Singh Rathore started his talk by conveying good wishes for the special day. Further, he elaborated about the benefits of Yoga techniques in routine life. He asked the participants to make Yoga their way of life. Yoga is the best and easiest way to keep the body fit and healthy.
Dr. Suman Kumar Maity from Kolkata was the expert for the seventh day of E-workshop. He explained the importance of Yoga and Pranayama. He also guided the participants to perform the Asana following the protocol of the Ministry of AYUSH. Students of Dept. of Physical Education Ashutosh Bharadwaj and Ms Huma Fatima gave beautiful presentations of Asanas, Pranayam and Kriyas.
Presentation of the report and vote of thanks was given by Organizing Secretary Dr. Pinto Lal Mondal. The whole programme was coordinated and compared by Dr. Usha Tiwari.