Academic Council

Hon’ble Members of the Academic Council, Central University of South Bihar

(i) The Vice-Chancellor

Prof. K. N. Singh,


(Ex-Officio Chairman)

(ii) Pro Vice-Chancellor

(iii) Deans of Schools

Dean, School of Education

Dean, School of Social Sciences and Policy

Dean, School of Law and Governance

Dean, School of Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Dean, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Dean, School of Human Sciences

Dean, School of Media, Arts and Aesthetics

Dean, School of Physical & Chemical Science

Dean, School of Commerce & Business Studies

Dean, School of Language & Literature

(iv) Heads of teaching and or research Department / Centres

Head, Department of Biotechnology

Head, Department of Bioinformatics

Head, Department of Life Science

Head, Centre for Environmental Sciences

Head, Department of Mathematics

Head, Department of Statistics

Head, Department of Computer Science

Head, Department of Mass Communication and Media

Head, Department of Psychological Science

Head, Department of Development Studies

Head, Department of Economics Studies and Policy

Head, Department of Sociological Studies

Head, Department of Political Studies

Head, Department of Law and Governance

Head, Department of Teacher Education

Head, Department of Hindi

Head, Department of English

Head, Department of Physics

Head, Department of Chemistry

Head, Department of Commerce & Business Studies

Head, Department of Historical Studies & Archaeology

(v) to (viii) Four Professor representing different schools (not Deans of Schools and Heads of the Departments / Centres) on the basis of seniority and rotation to be nominated by the VC

Prof. Durg Vijai Singh

Professor, Department of Biotechnology

(ix) to (xii) Four Associate Professor (not Heads of the Department) representing different schools according to seniority to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Asheesh Shankar

Department of Bioinformatics

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Department of Political Studies

Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia

Department of Teacher Education

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pathak

Department of Hindi

(xiii) to (xvi) Four Assistant Professor representing different Schools by rotating according to seriority to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Pranav Kumar

Department of Political Studies

Dr. Nitish Kumar

Department of Biotechnology

Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Department of Statistics

Dr. Girish Chandra

Department of Chemistry

(xvii) Librarian

Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh


(xviii) to (xxiii) Six persons (not in the service of the University) of academic eminence representing various knowledge domains nominated by the Academic Council

Prof. R. S. Sharma

Former Professor, Dept. of Geology, BHU, Varanasi

Prof. Ajit Kumar Mohanty

Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai

Prof. Vidya Agarwal

Former Head & Dean, Department of Education Allahabad University, Allahabad

Prof. Shailendra Saraf

Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi

Prof. K.N.P. Raju

Department of Geology, BHU, Varanasi

Prof. Sushma Ghildhiyal

Department of Physical Education, BHU, Varanasi

(2) & (3) Dean, Students’ Welfare and professor

Dean, Student Welfare



Col. Rajiv Kumar Singh (Retd.)

Registrar & Ex-Officio Secretary