Academic & Exam Section

Academic Division of the University works as a secretariat of the Academic Council and is responsible for execution and processing of all matters related with power and functions of Academic Council stated in the Statute. This division functions under general supervision of Controller of Examinations.
Academic division has following four sections, responsible to perform the role of policy making and execution related to academic matters based on the recommendations of Statutory Bodies as well as various Board/Committees constitutes as per ordinance.

Academic Division :

Coordination and Policy Section
  • Constitution and Appointment of members of the Academic Council
  • Holding meeting of Academic Council
  • Execution/implementation of the Decision of Academic Council
  • Amendment in existing academic ordinance
  • Constitution of School Board/BoS and other Committees
  • Establishment of new School/Department in the University or amalgamation/ abolition of existing one.
  • Amendment/Framing of Syllabus/ existing/new course
  • Processing of all communication received from UGC/MHRD related to the Academic matters
  • Matter related to the approval/recognition of courses from respective Statutory Bodies like NCTE, BCI, PCI etc.
  • RTI/ Parliament Question/ Public Grievance
  • Convocation
Admission & Student’s Affairs Section
  • Constitution of UATEC
  • Organising meeting of UATEC
  • To process the decision taken in the meeting of UATEC
  • Maintenance of reservation roster register for each programme/ course
  • Generation of Enrolment Number of admitted students
  • Preparation and notification of admission calendar, counselling, list of eligible candidates for admission in various programmes.
  • Publication of Prospectus
  • Student’s Credit Card Scheme
  • Processing cases related to disciplinary action on students
  • Anti-Ragging
  • To deal with the Grievances/RTI/Parliament Questions/VIP references related to admission/ readmission
  • Processing of Govt. of India/UGC directives regarding reservation policy in admission
  • Course Assessment
  • Alumni Association
  • Identity Card of students
  • Vidyarthi Medi-claim
Ph.D. Section (Academics)
  • Framing/amendment of Ph.D Ordinance/ guidelines/rules
  • Constitution of DRDC
  • Creation of files in respect of each admitted Ph.D students
  • Administering all matters of Ph.D students in accordance with the provisions contained in Ordinance
  • To deal with the Grievances/RTI/ Parliament Questions related to Ph.D admission
Statistical Cell
  • Compilation of Data related to all matters pertaining to Academic Division
  • Furnishing report to the Ministry of Education/UGC/other agencies related to Academic Division
  • Data compilation for Annual Report/AISHE
Name of staff Designation e-mail Telephone /Ext. No. Images
Mr. Kumar Kaushal Deputy Registrar 0631-2229515
Mr. Mahesh Chawla Section Officer 0631-2229514
Mr. Sagar Kumar Verma Assistant 0631-2229518
Mr. Sudip Kumar Pandit Upper Division Clerk 0631-2229518
Mr. Niranjan Singh Upper Division Clerk 0631-2229514
Mr. Umaniwas Upadhyay Lower Division Clerk 0631-2229514
Mr. Anurodh Kumar Lower Division Clerk 207
Mr. Tej Narain Lower Division Clerk 0631-229514