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Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD (Economics, University of Mumbai, Mumbai)


Experience :

Research Highlights

My Ph.D. thesis titled ‘Kinship, Power and Legitimacy: A Study of Maratha Confederates in the Eighteenth Century’ is an exploration of the history of the social and political developments within the Maratha Confederacy, based on kinship and family politics. It is a modest contribution to the existing historiography in that it offers a new analytical construct by focusing on the kinship politics playing out amongst the Shindes, Holkars and Gaekwads and its larger impact on Maratha power.
Along with the family and kinship politics of eighteenth century my interest areas are Maratha History, Political and Economic History of Eighteenth-Century India with Specialization in Maratha Confederacy, History of Peshwa, Cities and Urbanizations, Environmental history, Legal history, History and Anthropology.

Full Publication List

  • Publications:
  1. Kumar, Anil. (2016). Post Panipat Maratha Policies: A Case Study of Re-emergence of Maratha Power in Hindustan. History Research Journal, No. XXI, November 2016, pp. 49-58
  2. Kumar, Anil. (2016). Role of Regional Power and Local Elites in the Expansion of Maratha Confederacy in Upper India”, Vidya Vimarsha, Vol. 3, No. 2 (April –June). pp. 45-51.
  3. Kumar, Anil. (2016). Apotheosis of Equality: Realities from Ambedkar’s Perspective”, UPJSSR, Vol.7, No. 2. pp. 37-42.
  4. Kumar, Anil. (2016). Maratha Penetration in Bengal and Bihar: A Study of Ascendancy of Peshwa and Bholse, 1742-1752”, UPJSSR, Vol.7, No.1, pp. 15-21.
  5. Kumar, Anil. (2017). Shivaji two Raids on Surat and their Consequences. Omshiva Ligade edt. Janta Raja: Shivchatrapati, Aruna Parkashan, Latur.
  6. Kumar, Anil. (2020). From acquiescence to Dominance: Three Maratha Families- Shinde, Holkar and Gaekwad1700-1800 CE. Umesh Ashok Kadam edt., Medieval Deccan: an Era of Transition, Maratha State and Age of Conflicts, Challenges and Collaboration, Lambert, Mauritius, pp. 63-72.
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Micro Economics, Macro Economics and Development Economics

Mr. Abodh Kumar obtained PhD Degree in Economics from University of Mumbai, Mumbai and an MA Degree in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune. His teaching interest includes Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Development Economics. He has published papers in journals of repute such as Economic and Political Weekly, Artha Vijanana and working papers in the society of Policy Modeling, and Department of Economics, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.

Established under the Central Universities Act, 2009 (Section 25 of 2009) as Central University of Bihar (CUB) and the name since changed by the Central Universities (Amendment) Act, 2014 to Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) is an institution of higher learning in the state of Bihar.

Reception : 0631 – 2229 530
Admission : 0631 – 2229 514 / 518 – 9472979367



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