Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Tech (IIIT Allahabad), Ph.D (IIT Guwahati)
Specialization: Molecular Modelling and Simulation, Biological Database development
Experience : 08 Years
Research : (Teaching / Research)
Curcumin Resource Database

Curcumin Resource Database (CRDB) aims to perform as a gateway-cum-repository to access all relevant data and related information on curcumin and its analogs.


SeriPort provides information on the databases related to biotic components of seribiodiversity, i.e., silkworm, host plants, pests, pathogens, etc.

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  • Awards :
    Received best poster award at International Consultative Meeting on “Seribiotechnology 2012” (ICMS 2012) on “Development of Seri-Bioresource Database” organized by Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD) Imphal, Manipur- 795001, India during 5-7th December 2012.
  • Projects :
    Co-PI in ICMR funded Project intitles “Insilico Study on potent inhibitors against iron overload and Cardiac arrhythmia in Beta thalassemia” (ID No 2019-0370).