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Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D in Mass Communication
Specialization : Communication research, Cultural Studies, New Media
EXPERIENCE : Teaching / Research 7 years
Teaching / Research) :

Research Interests:

Research (in APA Style)

  • Publications : 12
  • Patent:
  • Book:
Research conducted here is interdisciplinary in nature viz., Media Effects research (TV cartoon and its impact on Children), Media Literacy, Communication for Development etc.
  • Publications:
    1. Deb, A. and Guha, S. (2012). A situational Analysis of Internet Consumption among college students in Silchar. Communication and journals Research, 1(1), 125-139.
    2. Deb, A. (2012). Folk Media and Health Communication: A case study. Folk Media and Sustainable Development in the North East, 117-131.
    3. Deb, A. (2013). Media’s Role in Partition of India: The reality Depiction. Intellection, 2(1), 18-21. Guha, S. and Deb, A. (2013). Gender Divide in Digital Universe: A micropicture of the college students in South Assam. Communication Today, 15(1), 135-139.
    4. Deb, A. (2015). Discourses of Development Communication: A Critical review. Pragyan: Journal of Mass Communication, 13(2), 39-42.
    5. Deb, A. (2017). Need for Media Literacy in the times of shrinking credibility. Research Journal Social Sciences, 25(3), 127-136.
    6. Deb, A. (2018). Exploring the Dimensions of Digital Inequality and Marginalization. Media and the Margins, 50-56.
    7. Kumar, N., Vatsa, R. and Deb, A. (2019). Promising Role of Behavioural Sciences to Mitigate Climate Change. Indian Journal of Social Research, 60(2), 252-261.
    8. Gauravam, R. and Deb, A. (2020). Television Cartoon and children: A Comparative mixed Approach of Local and Foreign Programs for self-reliant India. Sodh Sanchar Bulletin, 10(40).
    9. Gauravam, R. and Deb, A. (2020). कविड लॉकडाउन, टेलीविज़न, कार्टून और बच्चे. दृश्टिकोण, 12(5), 10-12.
  • Patent: NA
  • Book:NA
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