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Associate Professor & Head

Qualification : PhD (Banasthali Univ.), PDF (Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland)

Specialization : Data mining, Database and Server Development, Evolutionary Structure Analysis
Experience : 16 years (Teaching / Research) : Dr. Asheesh Shanker received postdoctoral training at University of Lausanne, Switzerland and is actively involved in bioinformatics teaching/research since 2004. He published several research papers in peer-reviewed journals of national & international repute and also authored/co-authored 4 books.

My group works on computational data mining, development of computational pipeline for biological data analysis and database development. Apart from this, I start exploring the role of evolution in drug resistance, its effect on protein structure, and adaptability of a pathogen against its host.

  • Publications :
    • Priya P, Shanker A (2021) Coevolutionary forces shaping the fitness of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein against human receptor ACE2. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 87: 104646
    • Jayaswal PK, Shanker A, Singh NK (2020) Genome wide annotation and characterization of young, intact long terminal repeat retrotransposons (In-LTR-RTs) of seven legume species. Genetica 148: 253-268.
    • Kumar S, Kumari S, Shanker A (2020) In silico mining of simple sequence repeats in mitochondrial genomes of genus Orthotrichum. Journal of Scientific Research 64: 179-182.
    • Kumar S, Shanker A (2020) Length variation of chloroplast simple sequence repeats in the genus Eucalyptus L’Hér. Plant Science Today 7(3): 353-359
    • Jayaswal PK, Shanker A, Singh NK (2020) Genome-wide comparative and evolutionary analysis of transposable elements in eight different legume plants Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 90: 1025-1031.
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    • Anand K, Kumar S, Alam A, Shanker A (2019) Mining of microsatellites in mitochondrial genomes of order Hypnales (Bryopsida) Plant Science Today;6(sp1): 635-638
    • Jayaswal PK, Shanker A, Singh NK (2019) Phylogeny of actin and tubulin gene homologs in diverse eukaryotic species. Indian J Genet 79: 284-291 DOI:10.31742/IJGPB.79S.1.20.
    • Vats S, Shanker A (2019) Groups of coevolving positions provide drug resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a study using targets of first-line antituberculosis drugs. International journal of antimicrobial agents 53: 197-202
    • Singh AK, Yadav S, Sharma K, Firdaus Z, Aditi P, Neogi K, Bansal M, Gupta MK, Shanker A, Singh RK, Prakash P (2018) Quantum Curcumin mediated inhibition of gingipains and mixed-biofilm of Porphyromonas gingivalis causing chronic periodontitis. RSC Advances 8: 40426- 445
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    • Jamal S, Goyal S, Shanker A, Grover A (2017) Predicting neurological adverse drug reactions based on biological, chemical and phenotypic properties of drugs using machine learning models. Nature Scientific Reports 2017; DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-00908-z
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    • Jamal S, Goyal S, Shanker A, Grover A (2017) Machine learning and molecular dynamics based insights into mode of actions of insulin degrading enzyme modulators. Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening 20: 1-13
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    • Kapil A, Rai PK, Shanker A (2014) ChloroSSRdb: a repository of perfect and imperfect chloroplastic simple sequence repeats (cpSSRs) of green plants. Database DOI 10.1093/database/bau107 [IF: 2.627]
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  • Book/Book Chapters :
    • Shanker A (2018) Bioinformatics: Sequences, Structures, Phylogeny. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, p. 402 (ISBN 978-981-13-1561-9)
    • Shanker A (2015) The programming language “Perl” for Biologists: Solutions for Beginners. GRIN Verlag GmbH, Germany, p. 188 (ISBN 978-3-656-90770-1)
    • Shanker A, Sharma V (2012) Evolutionary analysis of plants using chloroplast proteome sequences. LAP Germany, p. 152 (ISBN 978-3-8473-7563-0)
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  • Awards :
    Indo Swiss Joint Research Programme (ISJRP) fellowship availed at University of Lausanne, Switzerland (2010).
  • Projects :
    Comparison of chloroplast proteomes of bryophytes and pteridophytes to identify orthologous proteins and transition link between both lineages, UGC

    Establishment of a server to compare small genomes/proteomes and generate concatenated gene/protein sequences dataset to be used in phylogenetic tree reconstruction, UGC