Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD, M.PHIL
Specialization : Organizational Behavior
  • Teaching: Six years
  • Research: five years

Total five research papers have been published and all are in UGC-listed and in CARE list. Three are in the process of publication.

      • Jaiswal C, Kumari S,(2019) A comparative study of HIV+ males and females on their mental health, self-esteem and rumination” International journal of social sciences review
      • Jaiswal C, Kumar N, Kulshrestha U, Gupta S, (2019) Study of gender difference on ways of coping, mental health and rumination in people living with HIV+ Research journal of humanities and social sciences
      • Gupta S, Jaiswal C (2019)The study of relationship between career aspiration, self-esteem and academic achievement among school adolescents International journal of social sciences review.
      • Kumari S, Gupta S, Jaiswal C (2021) A Comparative study of Gender difference among Adolescents on Their Eating Attitude, Body Shape & Self Esteem 2020 Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology.
      • Gupta S, Kumari S, Jaiswal C (2021) career aspiration, self-esteem&academic achievement among adolescents:a comparison of gender differences Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology.
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