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Associate Professor of Chemistry
Qualification : PhD (Applied Chemistry)
Specialization: Inorganic and Applied Chemistry
EXPERIENCE : Teaching & Research—13.5 years

Research Interests:

Research (in APA Style)

  • Publications : 12
  • Patent:
  • Book:
    Area of Research: Materials Chemistry

    Research Interest/Current Research Area

  1. Applied Chemistry (Ceramics Materials)
  2. Sol-gel and Bio-inspired synthesis of Smart Materials for Energy & Environment
  3. Computational approach of processing of advanced materials
  4. Waste materials to value added materials
  • Publications :
    1. Nanotechnology in castable refractory--Ceramics International—45, 19 (2019)
    2. Oxidation behaviour of silicon carbide--Reviews on advanced materials science—38, 29 (2014).
    3. Role of V2O5 on the formation of chemical mullite from aluminosilicate precursor-- Ceramics International—36, 1603 (2010).
    4. Solgel‐processed mullite coating—a review-- International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology—12 (E71) 2015.
    5. Studies on the formation of mullite from diphasic Al2O3-SiO2 gel by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy—Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 30, 65 (2011).
    6. Mullitization of aluminosilicate diphasic gel in the presence of nickel oxide additive-- Journal of Composite Materials—49, 1579 (2015)
    7. Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel-derived chemical mullite-- Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology, 5, 57 (2014).
    8. Mullitization of Manganese-Doped Aluminosilicate Diphasic Gel-- Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology, 5, 299 (2014).
    9. Effect of CoO on the formation of mullite ceramics from diphasic Al2O3-SiO2 gel-- Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 3, 136 (2010).
    10. Role of Cr2O3 on the mullittization of di-phasic Al2O3-SiO2 gel—Cerâmica—56, 273 (2010).
    11. Effect of synthetic Fe2O3 on the properties of mullite ceramics derived from di-phasic Al2O3- SiO2 gel-- Journal of the Australasian Ceramic Society—46, 15 (2010).
    12. Effect of copper ions on mullite formation from aluminosilicate precursor-- Ceramics-Silikaty— 54, 128 (2010).
    13. Effect of TiO2 on the formation of mullite ceramics from diphasic Al2O3-SiO2 gel—Interceram, 59, 213 (2010).
    14. Effect of Titanium and Vanadium on Nanomullite Derived from Diphasic Precursor Gel-- Interceram, 67, 22 (2018).
    15. Non-Isothermal Dehydration Kinetics of Diphasic Mullite Precursor Gel-- Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 38, 91 (2019).
  1. Nanoceramic matrix composites: Types, processing, and applications: Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites: Second Edition (Elsevier) 2018.
  2. Composite membrane: fabrication, characterization, and applications: Handbook of Modern Coating Technologies: Application and Development (Elsevier) 2021.