Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. (J.N.U., New Delhi)

Specialization: Social Exclusion, Dalit Studies, Social Stratification, Research Methodology.

Experience: (Teaching/Research) More than 9 years

I joined in the Department of Sociological Studies in 2012. 

My Ph.D. Thesis was on "Social Exclusion and Status Formation among Dalits: A Study of a Village and a Town in North Bihar". I have also written study materials of MA programme for University School of Open Learning, Punjab University, Chandigarh. As of now, I have published 08 research papers in various reputed journals such as Economic and Political Weekly, Social Action, Indian Anthropologist, Indian Journal of Dalits and Tribal Studies, Mainstream, etc. I am the Life Member (LMI3850) of Indian Sociological Studies (ISS), New Delhi. At present, I am supervising research scholars in the Department.
  • Publications :
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  • Chapter in Edited Book:
    1. Ram, Jitendra (2017). “Caste Hierarchy and Dalits in the Era of Globalisation: A View from Bihar”, In Manish Kumar Verma (ed.) Globalisation, Social Justice and Sustainable Development in India, New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House. ISBN:978-81-212-1415-5, October 2017.
  • Book Review:
    1. Ram, Jitendra (2020). Book Review on “Fractured Tales: Invisibles in Indian Democracy” by Badri Narayan, Social Action (A UGC-CARE Approved Journal), 70, NO. 04, October-December, New Delhi, pp.425-26, ISSN:0037-7627.