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Qualification : PHD (Zoology, University of Delhi)

Specialization : Evolutionary and population ecology of marine and freshwater zooplankton, Ecological impact assessment and restoration of degraded wetlands, Bio -control and Bioremediation


My research interest engenders Evolutionary and population ecology of marine and freshwater zooplankton, Ecological impact assessment and restoration of degraded wetlands, Bio -control and Bioremediation. I have successfully completed the research project on various environmental factors triggering formation resting stages, investigating various natural biofilters in the River Ganga and impacts of outfall discharge and nuclear power plant effluents on zooplankton community and Microhabitat types as determinants of community structure of meso and macro benthic invertebrates in River Ganga (from Buxar to Bahgalpur) and Yamuna (Delhi stretch). We have completed a comparative study of different aquatic predator’s ability to utilize mosquito larvae as food source in the presence of co-inhabitant alternative prey. The same has been widely cited and being used as baseline information for operational vector control program. Following species have been recorded from the local water bodies

  • Publications:
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