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Assistant Professor

Qualification :
PhD (Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland)

Areas of Expertise/Research interest :
My research interests revolves around applying Bayesian statistical modeling and computational methods to the problems in research area of Climatology, Demography, Psychology, Big Data analytics, etc.

Experience :

Dr. Richa Vatsa received her PhD degree from Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland in 2011. She joined the Central University of South Bihar as an assistant professor in 2012. Prior to this, she served as an assistant professor at the Lady Sri Ram College for women during 2011-12. She has presented at various national and international conferences in India and outside and has a number of articles published in national and international journals.

Research Interests:

Research (in APA Style)

  • Publications : 12
  • Patent:
  • Book:
Her research interest and expertise lies in the field of Bayesian statistical modeling, analysis, and computational methods to the research problems of Climatology, Public Health, Data analytics, etc

Representative Publications:

  1. Spatial distribution of various forms of malnutrition among reproductive age women in Nepal: A Bayesian geoadditive quantile regression approach’, (with Umesh Ghimire), SSM-Population Health 14, 100781 (2021). ISSN 2352-8273,
  2. ‘Modeling an association between malaria cases and climate variables for Keonjhar district of Orisha, India: a Bayesian approach’ (with Praveen Kumar and others), Journal of Parasitic Diseases 44, 319-331 (2020). doi:10.1007/s12639-020-01210-y
  3. Variational Bayes Approximation for Inverse Non-Linear Regression’ (with Prof. Simon Wilson), Research and Reviews: Journal of Statistics. Special Issue on Recent Statistical Methodologies and Applications (e-ISSN: 2278-2273), 1, 76-84 (2014).
  4. The Variational Bayes Method for Inverse Regression Problems with an Application to the Palaeoclimate Reconstruction’ (with Prof. Simon Wilson), Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences, 35 (1–2), 221–248, (2010).

Book/Book Chapters

  1. (Accepted) ‘Understanding uncertainty in real life scenarios through the concepts of probability and Bayesian statistics’, (with Dr. Sandeep Kr. Maurya), LISA 2020 Edited Volume Book on “Developing Statistical Practice in Developing Countries”, Chapman and Hall (A Subsidiary of Taylor and Francis), 2021.
  2. (Accepted) ‘Control Charts and Capability Analysis for Process Control’, (with Prof. Arun Kr. Sinha), LISA 2020 Edited Volume Book on “Developing Statistical Practice in Developing Countries”, Chapman and Hall (A Subsidiary of Taylor and Francis), 2021.


  1. Honour for Outstanding contribution to Statistics by Central University of South Bihar & Vigyan Bharti, Bihar, on the occasion of 3rd World Statistics Day, 20th Oct 2020.
  2. Invitation and travel grant to attend LISA 2020 Symposium during 15th Aug 2019 to 18th Aug 2019 and WSC2019, during 18th Aug 2019 to 23rd Aug 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  1. Certificate of Merit award for a paper presentation entitled “Variational Bayes Approximation to Non-CE Models with application to Inverse Regression Problems” at ISBA Regional Meeting and International Workshop/Conference on Bayesian Theory and Applications, during 6-10 Jan 2013.
  2. Scholarship by Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme to pursue PhD at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland in 2006.

Presentations at Conferences (National/International)


  • Organized Invited SessionStatistical Literacy Across Disciplines,” ISI 63rd WSC 14th June 2021
  • Organized Plenary SessionStatistical Literacy Across Disciplines,” 3rd LISA 2020 Symposium, 20th Jan 2021

Sample Presentations




Contributory Talk “Analysing Effect of WASH Practices on Acute Respiratory Infections and Diarrhoea among Under-Five Children of India: a Bayesian Geoadditive Regression Modelling”, at Virtual ISBA 2021, 29th June.


Invited Talk “Uncertainty Evaluation with the concepts of Bayesian Statistics” at an invited session Statistical Literacy Across Disciplines, Virtual ISI 63rd WSC 14th June 2021.


Invited Talk, “Understanding Uncertainty in Real Life Scenarios through the Concepts of Bayes’ Theorem and Bayesian Statistics” at a plenary session Statistical Literacy Across Disciplines, 3rd LISA 2020 Symposium, 20th Jan 2021


Presented ‘Bayesian Quasi-Poisson Time Series Regression Modeling and prediction of Malaria counts in Keonjhar district of Odisha’ (with Praveen Kumar) at the International Conference on RECENT ADVANCES IN STATISTICS AND DATA SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in conjunction with XXXIX Annual Convention of ISPS, 21-23 Dec, 2019, Bhubneshwar, India.


The Variational Bayes Method For Non-CE Models With Applications To Inverse Regression Problems’ at Regional Meeting and IWCBTA, DST Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences and Dept. of Statistics, BHU, Varanasi, January 6-10, 2013.  


The Variational Bayes method for inverse regression problems with application to the palaeoclimate reconstruction’, a poster, at 11th International Meeting for Statistical Climatology, 2010, Edinburgh, UK.


 ‘The Variational Bayes method for inverse regression problems with application to the palaeoclimate reconstruction’, a poster, at Ninth Valencia International Meeting on Bayesian, 2010, Benidorm, Alicante, Spain.  


 ‘The Variational Bayes method for inverse problems with applications to the palaeoclimate reconstruction’ an invited talk at International Conference on Statistics, Probability, Operation Research, Computer Science and allied Areas (IISA-ISPS) 2010, Vizag, India.


 ‘The Variational Bayes Method for an Inverse Problem with Application to the  Palaeoclimate Reconstruction’ at Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), 2009, Washington DC, United States.


The Variational Bayes Method with Its Application to Complex Problems eg.  Palaeoclimate Reconstruction, GLM and Multimodality’ at International Conference on Interdisciplinary Mathematical and Statistical Techniques (IMST), 2009, Plezn, Czech Republic. 


The VB method with its application to complex problems eg. Palaeoclimate reconstruction, GLM’ at 32nd Research Students' conference (RSC), 2008, Lancaster, UK.


 ‘VB approximation for Factor Analysis with parameterized factor loading matrix and other examples of problems with its implementation’ at International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) 9th world meeting, 2008, Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia.



Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA)2020 network, Building Statistics and Data Science Capacity in Developing Countries, University of Colorado Boulder in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).