Games and Sports Committee

A Sports Committee for Central University of South Bihar, Gaya being constituted in 2020 to look after various sports affairs in the campus and beyond with especial reference to promote Competitive Sports culture in the university to develop physical fitness and wellbeing among the students.
The sports committee emphasises on maximum participation of all the bonafied students of the university with providing an adequate infrastructure of outdoor & indoor sports activities.
The sports committee also manages the extensive and well laid out fields and indoor facilities for various sports and games which are available in the campus.
The sports committee of South Bihar Central University gives prime importance to develop their sporting culture with overall development of the personality.
The sports committee is an integral unit of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) which conducts different sports competitions/activities among different units of the university.
The sports committee of Central University of South Bihar gives prime importance for training of sports persons and further encourage the teams for participation in different inter universities tournaments organised by Association of Indian Universities.
The sports committee also select and trained the university teams for participation in various state/national tournaments. The sports committee not only has an objective of preparing elite sports persons but it also has many programmes for invoking interest in the mainstream academic students of the university. The University sports committee also organises training programmes and camps for the various games and sports.

Objectives of the Sports Board

  1. To provide quality sports facilities for bonafide students to excel in sports.
  2. To facilitate students to maximize their sporting potential and choose games that they can participate and enjoy.
  3.  To develop sense of fair play, sporting spirit and sportsmanship.
  4. To promote physical and mental well-being of students.
  5. To develop self-esteem and self-confidence amongst students through positive sporting experiences.
  6. To develop leadership skills and foster the positive qualities like co-operation, tolerance, consideration, trust and responsibility through sporting activities and events.
  7. To provide students a platform for stress release to take interest in academic work.
  8. To enhance the overall personality of students through various sporting activities.


  1. Bonafide students and staff members shall have right to access the facilities of Sports Complex.
  2. The University Sports Team members shall have preference of using the facilities of the Sports Complex over the other students and staff members.
  3. No spectator without proper authorization will be allowed to use the facilities of the Sports Complex.
  4. Visitors must maintain proper discipline and decorum inside the Complex.
  5. Visitors should maintain proper cleanliness inside the Complex.
  6. Consumptions of alcohol & tobacco products are strictly prohibited inside the Complex/Campus.
  7. Dogs/ pets are not allowed inside of the Complex.
  8. Arms and ammunitions are prohibited in the Complex.
  9. Photography/ Videography in the complex is not permitted without prior approval of the authority.
  10. Visitors causing damage to the property of the Sports complex will have to compensate for damage and disfigure.
  11. Vehicles inside the Sports Complex are not allowed, unless specifically permitted. Parking should be done only in the parking lot or designated place in the Sports Complex.
  12. The Sports committee reserves the right to revoke/recall the use of facilities without any notice.

Committee Members