These teachers trigger an insatiable desire among the students to learn, explore, and push the frontiers of knowledge. They make special effort where possible to link knowledge to practice. They help students understand social realities, make them empathetic and at the same time don’t try to stereotype them. They are secular in their outlook. They help bring out the best among weak and strong students. They trigger lateral learning among students. They don’t mind acknowledging that sometimes some students may know more than a teacher. They reward such insights and acknowledge their inadequacies. They try to link nature, society, culture and institutions in different disciplines. They don’t see disagreements as a sign of disrespect. They use different strokes for different balls, as if in a game of cricket. That is, they use different ways of helping different students depending upon their learning blocks or proclivities. They don’t restrict to syllabus and go beyond it when needed. They encourage even undergraduate students to write papers and don’t take undue credit of the work that students do.


Attributes of an Inspired Teacher 


Selection procedure of the Inspired Teacher


The notification along with the concept paper was circulated to students. Each student was supposed to nominate only one teacher by following the “Attributes of an Inspired Teacher”. The selection was based on counting of numbers of nomination secured by each of the teachers.


Dr. Abodh Kumar (Economics) secured the highest number of nominations by the students as 'Inspired Teacher' and nominated for In-Residence Programme at Rashtrapati Bhawan.


त्वरित सम्पर्क

आज का सुविचार

मनुष्य अपनी क्षमताओं की कभी क़दर नहीं करता, वह हमेश उस चीज़ की आस लगाये रहता है जो उसके पास नहीं है। ~ हेलेन कलर की किताब 'स्टोरी आफ लाइफ़'


एस. एच. - 7 गया-पंचानपुर रोड, ग्राम. करहरा, पोस्ट. फतेपुर गया - 824236 (बिहार)

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