Guest lecture on "Role of Media in Biodiversity Wildlife Conservation" by Mr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar 

The Centre for Mass Communication and Media (CMS) of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) organizes a guest lecture on ‘Role of media in Wildlife Conservation’ by an eminent environmentalist Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad Khudsar, CEMDE, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi. Mr. Faiyaz’s entire lecture showed his deep concern about the degrading environment and wildlife. Talking about human behaviour he said that human being has a tendency to kill every other living being which comes on their way even without knowing its importance in balancing our ecosystem. He said that by killing these species humans are actually heading towards their own destruction. 

He pointed out the most burning issue i.e. water pollution and explained students about the ill- effect of polluting river Ganga. He explained that polluting Ganga is not only restricted to water pollution but the entire ecosystem submerged in the river is being adversely affected. He also dealt with religious importance of dolphins. Mr. Faiyaz also explained about various types of species and their further classification which is not popularly known. He clarified various myths embedded in our society regarding several species. 

He further stated that the day is not too far when humans have to rely on recharge coupons for getting their oxygen masks recharged. He also threw light on ethical norms that media should follow while covering environmental issues. He also stated that there should be a closer relationship between environmental experts and media professionals for in-depth reporting.

Dr. Atish Prashar, Head of CMS presented the vote of thanks. He thanked Mr. Faiyaz for his enlightening lecture and devoting his precious time form his busy schedule. He also felicitated Mr. Faiyaz with a memento as a token of love and respect. At the lecture, students and faculty members from the department namely Dr. Kinshuk Pathak, Dr. Sujeet Kumar were present along with students and faculty from various departments of the University were present.



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