Talk “What do economic historian do” ?  by Prof. Tirthankar Roy from London School of Economics at CUSB

A special talk was given by Professor Tirthankar Roy, an eminent economic historian from the London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom at Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) on the topic “What do economic historian do” ? 

In his talk Prof. Roy basically oriented the audience comprised of faculty members, research scholars and students about economic history and its current trends. He raised key questions about development and inequality issue that why European countries are more developed and why continents like Asia and Africa are not as much developed as them.

He discussed the famous development model of Economist Adam Smith, Marx and weberian model of development and their argument about the crisis that Asia and Africa faced during the process of development. He had also shown the current trends linking with past development through a graph. The talk was very lucid, intriguing as well as interactive as Prof. Roy addressed the questions asked by the audience regarding economic development in different parts of world, contributions and the relevance of the theories proposed by scholars such as Amartya Sen and Hilary silver and their relevance in current scenario, linkages of development and ecology etc.  

Earlier before the start of talk Prof. Roy was greeted by Prof. Sankar Kumar Bhaumik, Dean & Head, Department of Economics and Prof. S.N.Singh (Political Science). The event was hosted by Dr. Aditya Mohanty, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Development Studies, while the program concluded with vote of thanks presented by Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar Jha. 



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