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News & Events

Workshop-cum-Training on Innovation Pedagogy

Under Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching Scheme of MHRD

Day 1 (25th February, 2020)

A seven day workshop-cum training programme scheduled from 25/02/20 to 02/03/2020 on Innovation Pedagogy was inaugurated under Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and teaching by Prof. Rekha Agrawal, School of Education, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya. Various participants across the country i.e. Meghalaya, Sikkim, Odisha, Nalanda, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Patna,   etc. participated in the workshop. The program was inaugurated by Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh, Former Pro Vice-Chancellor, Purnia University and Chaired by Col. Rajeev Ranjan Singh, Registrar, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya. Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Dean & Head, School of Education, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya welcomed the guests and Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Program coordinator & Nodal Officer of PMMMNMTT School of Education, CUSB, Gaya presented the theme of the Programme on ‘Innovation Pedagogy’.

Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh put giving citation of his innovative teaching, he further stated that the terms Pedagogy and Innovation are complementary to each other. They education system should take the responsibility of producing independent, and responsible citizens. The Chairperson Col. Rajiv Kumar Singh shared his experience with innovation while he was providing his expertise in the best use of Bofors Guns in the Kargil war. He said that at present time there is a need of making students versatile. In the last vote of thanks was given by Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia. Prof. Suresh, Dr. Rinki, Dr. Chandra Prabha and Dr. Pragya, Dr. Mozzammil were present.

The keynote address on Innovation pedagogy was presented by Prof. Rekha Agrawal. She highlighted the crux of innovation and Innovation Pedagogy along with her taxonomy of 5Ds Innovation Skills. He also elaborated how creative thinking, rational decision-making, collaborative working along with entrepreneurship help in the process of innovation.  The next session was on ‘Fears of Future: Need to Innovate’ by Dr. Rajesh Pratap Singh, Department of Mathematics. He highlighted the role of cryptography in the present security system and how it is to be challenged in near future with the evolution and emergence of Quantum Computers. The last sessions were taken by Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Dean, School of Education on ‘Cooperative Learning’. He stated the significance and features of cooperative learning and also enumerated its various techniques like, STAD, Zigsaw, etc.

The programme was ended with vote of thanks to all. Research scholars Pratima, Mohini, Smita, Radha, Vishal, Aashutosh, Bidhaan,  Mamta,  Najmus, Priyobrato, Amit Sheeba and all M.Ed. students took active part in the  programme.

Day 2 (26th February, 2020)

Second day of workshop cum training program, 1st Session started with the address of the Mr. Shiv Kumar Singh, Founder, Teachers of Bihar on topic of “A Teachers’ of Bihar: Network for Transforming  Education”. He focused on these four outcomes as a result of network actions: changing licensor policies and systems, changing program approval policies and standards, changing data systems to aid continuous improvement of teacher readiness, and engaging stakeholders to develop and implement. This is a new system of teacher preparation. The session was chaired by Prof. Rekha Agrawal,  Nodal officer , PMMMNMTT, CUSB.

2nd Session started by Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia, Associate Professor, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya on the topic of “Creativity Thinking”. He said about Creative thinking is the process which we use when we come up with a new idea. It is the merging of ideas which have not been emerged before. This creative thinking process can be accidental or deliberate. Without using special techniques creative thinking does still occur, but usually in the accidental way; like a chance happening making you think about something in a different way and you then discovering a beneficial change.

3rd Session started with Prof. Rekha Agrawal, story of a marginalized student who demonstrated his creative ability after sometime. The post- lunch sessions were conducted by Dr. Indrani in which she performed number of activities which may be used to enhance creative thinking skills. After this all nine groups of teaches prepared learning plans on “Nasha Mukti” by adding critical thinking skills. Three groups presented the learning plans in which were presented by Mukti Kumari Singh, Ravi Raushan Kumar, K. S. Ray, Shobha Kumari, Shashi Kant Sharma, Arun Kumar and Dharmendra Kumar   presentations

Day 3 (27th February, 2020)

Third day of workshop-cum-training program started with presentation of learning plans to develop creative thinking among the participants in different group presented their learning plans in different ways.

2nd Session started by Dr. Syed Abdul Moin, Ex-Director Distance Education-cum-Joint Director SCERT, Bihar.  He shared the idea on the topic of “Education of Bihar: Birth and Bringing up of Innovation”. He talk about the innovation born in the practices of teaching and learning, classroom practices and teachers training program, morning assembly system, value system and every minute practices. Innovation is when a common practice gives special outcome: within the process itself. Bihar Curriculum Framework- Innovation show path for better learning here in Bihar: teachers are motivated and also talked about the decisions makers as a teacher. This would sharpen our skills too. Scientific innovation can be brought up; though better decision making peace and values any and every minute motivation of doing & inspiration; do comes under the roof of innovation. Sequential decision making along with values frame base for innovation. The teacher need to be enough flexible & open minded as well as well coming to ideas including realistic in practice.

The next session was started with one of the activity on critical thinking by Prof. Rekha Agrawal after that Dr. Shobha Kumari from Siwan conducted “Board Rush Activity and Mr. Vinod Kumar from Kutumba conducted activity on Area & Perimeter. Then all prepared teaching activities on “Water conservation” under the guidance of Dr. Indrani. Four groups presented their activities aiming at critical thinking in which Mr. Harida Sharma, Mr. Surya Prakash, Kumari Kritika Rani, Ms. Sandhya Shahi, Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma, Mr. Manish Kumar, Ms. Sanghmitra Beura, Mr. Shashi, Ms. Anupma, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Ashish, Mr. Mukta, Mr. Arun, Md. Abdula, Ms. Mohini, Ms. Pratima, and Ms. Sucheta participated.

Day 4 (28th February, 2020)

Fourth day of workshop-cum-training program started with presentation of activities on critical thinking on “Water conservation” of conservation water in different ways.  Innovative teachers were shared his experience among Mr. Arun Kumar, Mr. Arvind Kumar, Mr. Haridas Sharma, Mr. Yogesh Maheswari, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Kumari Kritika Rani, Ms. Preeti Basak , Ms. Moushmi Kumari, Ms. Sandhya Shahi, Mr. vinod Kumar Chouhan and Mr. Manish Kumar etc.

After that Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Nodal Officer, PMMMNMTT Scheme, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya narrated a story “Pani Ek Kahani” with the help of some images, behalf this images she want to say the participants that what is the importance of water and need to preserved the water.

2nd Session taken by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Principal, Upgraded High School Adampur Khizersarai, Gaya. He delivered the lectured on “Art Integrated Learning”.  In his presentation he explained to what is an Art?  How to integrate arts in teaching?  What is the effect of arts in teaching? It is also called art integrated method (AIM) in teaching learning process. Art attracts everyone it is not only for the purpose of entertainment or decoration but also it is integrated for enjoy full teaching learning process. He demonstrated a number of activities on using various forms of fine arts and performing arts. The participants prepared number of art pieces like paintings, collage, mark, drama etc.

The last session was on intellectual Property Rights Protection. Which was taken by Dr. Digvijay Singh, School of Law and Governance the elaborated various forms of IPR and explained how much it is important for a person to know and use intellectual property rights.

During the program Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia, Ms. Pratima, Ms. Mohini, Ms. Sucheta, Ms. Guriya and Mr. Vishal were present.  

Day 5 (29th February, 2020)

Fifth day of workshop-cum-training program First Session was started by Prof. Rekha Agrawal with the discussion on innovation pedagogy to make learning effective.

Second session in this session prepared lesson plan by different group-

Nine groups of teachers prepared teaching modules on innovation pedagogy under the direction and guidance of Prof. Rekha Agrawal. She facilitated the groups to us all 5 Ds. Of innovation skills in their pedagogic modules targeting learners to be innovators.

In the afternoon sessions four groups made their presentations.

Group-I presented innovation pedagogic module on “जीव जन्तु” in which Mr. Chandan, Mr. Ravi Roshan, Mr. Ashish, Mr. Haridas Sharma participated.

Group II presented innovation pedagogy on “Dharam Juddha” in which Dr. Arti Kumari, Ms preeti Basak, Dr. Shobha Kumari, Mr. Manish Kumar participated.

Group III presented innovation pedagogic module on “ नशा के प्रकार और प्रभाव” in which M.Ed students – Prasoon, Guriya, Rupesh, Saurav, Shashank, Uday, and Ritesh poarticipated.

Group IV presented innovation pedagogic module on “जयामिति आकृति” in which Mr. Vinod Kumar, Mr. Arun Kumar, Md. Abdulla and Smt. Mukta Kumari participated.

During these session Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha along with Mr.   Arvind Kumar and Mr. Shashikant made their evaluative comments on these presentations. The session was chaired by Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Mohini, Sucheta, Ashutosh and other M.Ed students assisted in the session of the programme.

Day 6 (1st March, 2020)

Sixth day of workshop-cum-training program First Session was in continuation of presentation of pedagogic modules prepared by groups.

Second session in this session prepared lesson plan by different groups-

Group-V presented innovation pedagogic module on “Environmental Pollution” in which Mr. Ashish Upadhyay, Mr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha and ms. Sanghmitra Beura participated.

Group VI presented innovation pedagogy on “मेरा घर” in which Dr. Anupama , Ms Sandhya Sahi and Mr. Dharmendra Kumar participated.

Group VII presented innovation pedagogic module on “Human Skeleton” in which Ms. Mridula Kumari Sinha, Ms. Mousami Kumari, Mr. Yogesh Maheshwari and ms. Kumari Kritika Rani participated.

Group VIII presented innovation pedagogic module on “Deta collection” in which Mr. Dilip Kumar, Mr. K. S. Roy, Mr. Arun Kumar and Smt. Priyamvada Bharti participated.

Group IX presented innovation pedagogic module on “Blood Circulation System” in which Mr. Arvind Kumar, Mr. Surya Prakash and Swetank Ranjan participated.

The session was chaired by Prof. Rekha Agrawal and convened by Mr. Arvind Kumar, Head Master, Middle School, Guraru, Mr. Shashi Kant and other delegates also provided their inputs.

Next two session were taken by Mr. G. V. S. R. Prasad, Consultant Education, Ranchi. He conveyed on the topic “Wild Level Thinking”. He said ideation is the process where you generate ideas and solutions through sessions such as Sketching, Prototyping, Brainstorming, Brain writing, Worst Possible Idea, and a wealth of other ideation techniques. Ideation is also the third stage in the Design Thinking process. Although many people might have experienced a “brainstorming” session before, it is not easy to facilitate a truly fruitful ideation session. In this process he provided guidelines which will help you facilitate and prepare for productive, effective, innovative and fun ideation sessions.

During the program Ms. Mohini, Ms. Sucheta, Mr. Pankaj Sarkar, Mr. Prasoon Kumar, Mr. Rupesh Kumar Pandey, Mr. Saurav Kumar, Mr. Bapi Sarkar, Miss Guriya , Mr. Shashi Kr. Shekhar, Mr. Shashi Kr. Shekhar also participated.

Day 7 (2nd March, 2020)

On seventh day the workshop-cum-training programme on Innovation Pedagogy came to its culmination on 2nd March 2020. The valedictory function was graced by Prof. Harish Chandra Singh Rathore, Honourable Vice-Chancellor, CUSB, Gaya, Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Programme Coordinator and Nodal officer, PMMMNMTT Scheme, Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Dean and Head, School of Education, CUSB, Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia and Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha were also during the valedictory function.

In the first session started by Prof. S.P. Shrivastava, Formal Dean and Head, Dept. of Law and Governance, CUSB, Gaya. Prof. shrivastava conveyed on the topic “Management of Innovation Planning.

In the second session done an activity of the participants, Ph.D Scholors, M.Ed. students was done. It consisted of questionnaire related to creative, creative and collaborative thinking.

In the end of the valedictory session started with the lighting of the lamp by our guests Prof. H.C.S Rathore, Honourable Vice-Chancellor, CUSB, Prof. Kaushal Kishoreand, Dean and Head, School of Education, CUSB and Prof. Rekha Agrawal , Nodal Officer, PMMMNMTT Scheme, CUSB, Gaya. Welcome address was done by Prof. Kaushal Kishore.

The presentation of the report was done by Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Nodal Officer, PMMMNMTT Scheme, CUSB, Gaya. She delivered the lecture How to inculcate collaborative, Creative and critical thinking in the students? Integration of arts in teaching learning process is very effective.

Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. H.C.S Rathore Inspired to inculcate value and their character formation of students by presenting ourselves. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. T.K. Basantia.

Established under the Central Universities Act, 2009 (Section 25 of 2009) as Central University of Bihar (CUB) and the name since changed by the Central Universities (Amendment) Act, 2014 to Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) is an institution of higher learning in the state of Bihar.

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