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Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD
Specialization : Speech signal processing, machine learning, image and audio watermarking.

EXPERIENCE :(Teaching / Research) :8 years

Jainath Yadav joined the university in 2013. He has completed M. Tech and PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He has qualified Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), UGC-NET and GATE examinations. He obtained teaching assistantship (2009-2011) and research assistantship (June, 2011 to March, 2013) from IIT Kharagpur. He has contributed several research papers in the referred journals like IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Speech Communication, etc. He has published and presented several papers in the reputed international conferences. He is a member of IEEE. He is also supervising PhD students in his active research areas.

Research Interests:

Research (in APA Style)

  • Recent Publications:
    1. Venkateswararao. Podile. & Subramanian Shanmugam, Effect of Digital India on Political Empowerment of Rural women and Urban Women, International Journal of Psychology and Education, ISSN ; 00333077, vol 57(9), 2020, Pp565-570 (Scopus Indexed)
    2. Subramanian. S and Yamuna. D., Management of Non-Performing Assets with reference to Asset Quality in Public Sector Banks, Our Heritage Journal, ISSN: 0474-9030 Volume 68, Issue 1 Jan, 2020 ( UGC -CARE listed Journal)
    3. Yamuna. D and Subramanian. S, Bank Level Challenges on Management of Loan Quality in Public Sector Banks, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-2S4, July, 2019, pp. 650-655 (Scopus Indexed)
    4. Venkateswararao. Podile. And Subramanian Shanmugam ., Inventory Turnover in Engineering Micro and Small Enterprises, International Journal of Solid State of Technology, Vol. 63 Issue:2S, 2020, pp. 532-537 (Scopus indexed)
  • Book:
    1. “Quality Enhancement and Sustenance in Managerial Practices” Chennai, Ayyappan Publishing house, 2010, ISBN No: 978-81-909575-2-6.
    2. The significance of decision making in Global Business Scenario” Chennai, G.K Publishers, 2012, ISBN No: 978-93-81208-07-6.
  1. Developing signal processing and machine learning methods for emotion recognition, speaker recognition, and language identification systems
  2. Developing methods for synthesizing emotional speech from neutral speech
  3. Developing methods for voice anti-spoofing attacks
  4. Working to develop algorithms for speech and image watermarking
  • Publications:
    1. Jainath Yadav, K. Sreenivasa Rao, “Detection of vowel offset point from speech signal”, signal”, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 299-302, 2013.
    2. Anil Kumar Vuppala, Jainath Yadav, K. Sreenivasa Rao and Saswat Chakrabarti, “Vowel Onset Point Detection for Low Bit Rate Coded Speech", IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 1894-1903, Aug. 2012.
    3. K. Sreenivasa Rao, Jainath Yadav, Sourjya Sarkar, Shashidhar G Koolagudi, and Anil Kumar Vuppala, “Neural Network based Feature Transformation for Emotion Independent Speaker Identification", International Journal of Speech Technology, Springer, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 335-349, 2012. (DOI: 10.1007/s10772-012-9148-2)
    4. Jainath Yadav, K. Sreenivasa Rao, “Prosodic Mapping Using Neural Networks for Emotion Conversion in Hindi Language”, Circuit System and Signal Processing, Vol. 35, 139–162, April 2015.
    5. Subhodip Saha, Jainath Yadav and Prabhat Ranjan, “Proposed Approach for Sarcasm Detection in Twitter”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 10(25), DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i25/114443, July 2017.
    6. Jainath Yadav, Md. Shah Fahad and K. Sreenivasa Rao, ``Epoch Detection from Emotional Speech Signal using Zero Time Windowing", Speech Communication, Vol. 96, pp. 142-149, Feb. 2018.
    7. Jainath Yadav and K. Sreenivasa Rao, ``Neural Network and GMM based Feature Mappings for Consonant-Vowel Recognition in Emotional Environment", International Journal of Speech Technology, Vol. 20, pp. 1-13, 2018.
    8. Rajeev Kumar and Jainath Yadav, “A Robust Speech Watermarking Techniques Using Arnold Transform based on Multi-Dimension Multi-Level DWT Method”, Test Engineering & Management, Vol. 83, pp. 22661-22671, March-April 2020.
    9. M.S. Fahad, A.Deepak, G. Pradhan, and Jaintah Yadav, “DNN-HMM-Based Speaker-Adaptive Emotion Recognition Using MFCC and Epoch-Based Features”, Circuit System and Signal Processing , Vol. 40, Jul. 2020.
    10. Md. Shah Fahad, Ashish Ranjan, Jainath Yadav, Akshay Deepak, “A survey of speech emotion recognition in natural environment” Digital Signal Processing, Vol. 110, 2021, 102951, ISSN 1051-2004.
    11. Rajeev Kumar, Piyush Kumar Singh, and Jainath Yadav, “Digital Image Watermarking Technique based on Adaptive Median Filter and HL Sub-band of Two-stage DWT”, International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (accepted).
    12. Rajiv Kumar, Jainath Yadav, “An Effective Compression and Decompression Coding Techniques using Multilevel DWT decomposition and DCT”, International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering (accepted).
    13. Jainath Yadav, Detection of vowel transition regions from Hindi language, Computer Speech & Language, Vol. 70, 2021, 101231, ISSN 0885-2308.
  • Awards:
  • Projects:

Established under the Central Universities Act, 2009 (Section 25 of 2009) as Central University of Bihar (CUB) and the name since changed by the Central Universities (Amendment) Act, 2014 to Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) is an institution of higher learning in the state of Bihar.

Reception : 0631 – 2229 530
Admission : 0631 – 2229 514 / 518 – 9472979367



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