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Assistant professor

Qualification : PhD (Delhi University), PDF (ICGEB, New Delhi)

Specialization : Protein Hormone and Nucleocytoplasmic Transport
EXPERIENCE : 13 years 11 months
Postdoctoral research experience : 4 years 4 months
Teaching experience : 9 Year 7 Months

My research work is assessing biologically important isoforms of protein hormones released from pituitary glands and found in biological fluids. A second area of my interest is cellular physiology of Malaria Parasite with main focus on components of nucleocytoplasmic transport their role in Malaria Parasite survival.

Publicatons :
  • Chandra G, Patel S, Panchal M, Singh DV.S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine Hydrolase: Its Inhibitory Activity Against Plasmodium Falciparum And Development Of Malaria Drugs.(2021) Mini-Reviews In Medicinal Chemistry. DOI: 10.2174/1389557521666201218155321.
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Awards :

DBT-Post Doctoral Fellow 2008, INSA visiting Scientist 2017