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Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.a. In History And Philosophy, B.ed. & M.ed., Ugc-net&jrf, Ph.d. In Education

Specialization :

Social Science Education, Philosophical And Sociological Foundation Of Education, Disadvantage Group Education

More than 9 years
Teaching / Research)

I wanted to introduce myself as learner as well as an educator. I like to share not only knowledge, but to share strategies for learning, thereby providing others the tools to educate themselves anywhere, anytime. My experiences both as learner and a teacher, have given me a deep appreciation for the challenge of finding ways of helping a diverse array of others; clearly, there is no single way for all persons to master a given subject, and thus my preference is to be as flexible and open-minded as possible. My work in the future will focus primarily on the following research questions and areas:

  1. How social structure, order, system, institution, cultural capital, wireless culture does determines a person's personality?
  2. How should teaching approaches, methods, techniques, strategies and strategies be employed in the teaching learning process so that better learning results can be achieved?
  3. To know and understand the process and effects of interaction of personal factors and factors of social, psychological and academic environment of teacher and learner?
  4. Online education, political and social ideologies, educational measurement and assessment, social science education etc…..
  • Publications:
    1. A Research Article Titled as ‘भारतीय परिप्रेक्ष्य में शान्ति शिक्षा ’ Published in ‘Bhartiya Aadhunik Shiksha’ Research Journal of National Council of Educational Research and Training, Vol. 30(3), Jan 2010, page 66-73.(ISSN-0972-5636) (UGC-CARE LISTED)
    2. A Research paper titled as ‘भावी शिक्षकों द्वारा शिक्षक-प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम का प्रत्यक्षीकरण: एक अध्ययन’ Published in ‘Bhartiya Aadhunik Shiksha’ Research Journal of National Council of Educational Research and Training, Vol. 31(2), 2010, page 57-62.(ISSN-0972-5636) (UGC-CARE LISTED)
    3. A Research paper titled as ‘Natural Dyes: An Emerging Eco-friendly Solution for Textile Industries’ Published in Pollution Research February 2020. (UGC-CARE LISTED)(ISSN- 0257-8050) page no. 87-93
    4. A Research paper titled as ‘A Study of Prospective Teachers’ involvement in Environment Friendly Action in relation to Gender and Locality, Published in THINK INDIA JOURNAL, Vol. 22 (14)December 2019(ISSN- 0971-1260) (UGC CARE Listed) page no. 8236-8240
    5. A Research Article titled as ‘Challenges and Prospects of Decentralized Management Of Primary Education in India’ published in Educational Herald (Rajasthan), July-September 2010, Vol.-39. No.-2I, page 40-47, ISSN 0974-0732. (UGC-Approved No.- 42861)
    6. A research paper entitled ‘Academic Achievement of SC & ST children in relation to their Socio-Economic Status and Family size: A study of Varanasi District’ published in Anusilana Research Journal of Indian Cultural, Social & Philosophical Stream Vol.- XXVII, page 139-146 (ISSN 0973-8762).2010 (UGC-Approved No.- 49319)
    7. A Research Article entitled ‘निजीकरण और उच्च शिक्षा : एक आलोचनात्मक अध्ययन’ Published in Parmita, वर्ष- 3 अंक-2 जुलाई-सितम्बर, 2010. (ISSN- 0974-6129). 17-19 (UGC-Approved No. 48974, 49362)
    8. ‘Nigeekaran Ki Raha Per Uuccha Shiksha: Chunotiyan evam Sambhavanayan’ Titled paper presented in National Seminar on ‘Higher Education: Retrospect and Prospect’ & Published in Book Titled ‘Higher Education: Retrospect & Prospect’ page 147-151.( ISBN: 97 8-8 1-909935-2-1)
    9. ‘A Study of Prospective Teacher’s Personal Involvement in Environment Friendly Actions’ Titled paper presented in International Conference on Environmental Ethics Education & Published in Book Titled ‘Society and Environment’ page 152-163.( ISBN : 97 8-81 -909935-3-1)
    10. A Research Article Titled as ‘Concept Maps’ Published in ‘Anusilana’ Research Journal of Indian Cultural, Social & Philosophical Stream, Vol. XVIII, 2009. Page 59-62. (ISSN 0973-8762) (UGC-Approved No.- 49319)
    11. A Research Article Titled as ‘Teaching Population Education Through Geography’ Published in ‘PARISHEELAN’ Research Journal of Indian Cultural, Social & Philosophical Stream, Vol. - IV, No.-3, 2009 page 60-65.(ISSN- 0974-7222) (UGC-Approved No. 40790)
    12. ‘शैक्षिक परिप्रेक्ष्य में पंचायती राज की भूमिका, वस्तुस्थिति एवं संभावित समाधान’ titled paper presented in National Seminar cum Workshop on Including the Excluded: Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Education and Published in Seminar Proceedings, page 49-52.
    13. A Research Paper Titled as ‘A Study of Reponses of Prospective Teacher on Existing B. Ed. Course’ Published in Journal of All India Association for Educational Research, Pondicherry, Vol. 22 No.2 December 2010, page73-81.(ISSN-0970-9827). (UGC-Approved No. 41312)
    14. A Research Paper Titled as ‘Teachers’ Institutional Commitment in Rajiv Gandhi South Campus-Banaras Hindu University’ Published in Book Titled as ‘Quality Teacher Education in India’ page. 25-36, ISBN No. - 978-93-81212-10-3. 2012
    15. A Research Article Titled as ‘A Question of Quality in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis’ Published in Book Titled as ‘Quality Teacher Education in India’ page. 37-43, ISBN No.- 978-93-81212-10-3.
    16. A Research Article Titled as ‘Theoretical Development and Behavioral Characteristic of Achievement Motivation’ Published in ADHIKAR an international Research refereed Journal related to Higher Education for all Subjects, Vol. 10. page31-38, ISSN No. – 2231-2552. 2011 (UGC-Approved No. 45496)
    17. A Research Article Titled as ‘Teacher Education Curriculum Reforms in India: A Critical Analysis’ published in Journal of Education & Research for Sustainable Development, page 41-55 (ISSN: 2277 – 2006). 2012
    18. A Research Article Titled as ‘Education: A Positive Outlook’ (pp. 129-139) E-Proceeding Paper presented and Published at the International Conference on ‘Education for Achieving Millennium Development Goals’ organized by Alumni Association of Education, BHU and Faculty of Education, BHU on 16-18 November 2013.( ISBN : 978-81-909935-6-2)
    19. A Research Paper Titled as ‘Achievement Motivation of Higher Secondary SC students in relation to Study Habit’ published in Shodh Drishti (An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal), Vol. 5, No. 1, Jan.-March, 2014. Page 85-90, ISSN : 0976-6650. (UGC-Approved No. 49321)
    20. A Research Paper Titled as ‘Achievement Motivation of SC Students in relation to Academic Achievement and Socio-Economic Status’ published in Anukriti (An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal), Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan.-March 2014, page 59-64, ISSN : 2250-1193.
    21. A Research Paper Titled as ‘Achievement Motivation of SC students vis-a-vis Gender, Residence and Different Academic Majors’ published in International Educational E-Journal, {Quarterly}, Volume-III, Issue-I, Jan-Feb-Mar 2014, Page No. 163-170, ISSN 2277-2456. Impact Factor: 1.952
  • Patent:
  • Book:
  • Awards:
    1. Project presented in ‘Anvshan-2009’, (under the A.I.U.) entitled “ Development of a Module of Peace Education for Adolescent students & Preparation of Guidelines for the teachers to Implement the Module” and secured:
    2. • First Position at university level.

      •Second position at zonal level in East Zone Participate in National Level.

  • Projects:
    1. Other relevant information Worked as a Proctor in Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha. BHU, Mirzapur from 1 Nov. 2010 to 30 June 2013.
    2. Worked as External Observer in C.P.M.T (U.P.) Examinations, NIOS, CBSE etc.
    3. Active member of various committees constituted by B.H.U Administration (Examination Committee, Examination Squad, Anti-Ragging Committee, Enquiry Committees etc.)
    4. Worked as a member of Anti-Ragging Squad at RGSC-BHU, 2013-14.
    5. Worked as an Administrative Warden of New Boys Hostel No.2 at RGSC-BHU from July 2014 to June 2015.
    6. Participated in Procession, Spandan- 2008 and secured 2nd award at BHU, Varanasi.
    7. Participated in Skit, Spandan -2009 at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Organized various activities for B.Ed. students at RGSC-BHU, Mirzapur