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About the school
The human nature is not discipline bound and therefore the Schools of Human Sciences emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to understand it.The Schools has a mission to pursue quality education and research for greater understanding of human nature and challenges faced by humanity.Disciplines like Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Social work and other Social Sciences interactively may engage in research leading to knowledge system that serves the development of mankind.The objective of the School is to create advance scientific knowledge in various Human Sciences through research.
The Department of Psychological Sciences is established under the Schools of Human Sciences. It is presently offering Master’s level programme ( M.A./M.Sc in Psychology) and Ph.D programme in Psychology/Clinical Psychology under the department of Psychological Sciences.Its syllabus is structured with an objective to meet the global demand of psychology.
The School intends to transform its students as responsible and capable citizen of this country. School gives emphasis on application of different psychological theories and principles in real life situations to solve various social problems, enhancing employabilities and to enhance quality of life of the community. Team of this school delivers a cutting-edge education – with options to study Clinical Psychology, , Counselling, Organizational, and Health psychology in greater depth .


  1. The vision of the School is to meet challenges imposed on human beings and humanity at large , and to accomplish prosperous human society.


  1. The school has a mission to provide quality education and research in the area of human sciences in such a way that this knowledge and research should be useful in the growth of mankind.
  • Present Dean
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Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
Department of Psychological Sciences
07.07.2020 - onwards Contact: +91-9955357147
  • Former Deans
  1. Prof. Tej Bahadur Singh, (07.01.2016- 06.07.2020)
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