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School of Management is presently running the Department of Commerce & Business Studies formally set up in 2018. It has imbibed the CUSB tradition of exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. The Vision of the School is to emerge as a Centre of Excellence in interdisciplinary approaches to studies and research involving Commerce and Management. Following the University Motto “Collective Reasoning”, emphasis is being given on application of theories in real life situations to enhance business skills and employability of students through various other measures like personality development, project work, mock interviews and role plays etc.


  1. The defined vision of the School is Holistic development of students: academically, professionally vocationally and ethically, Capability building curriculum framework , Solution oriented socially relevant research, Transparent, accountable and democratic decision making, Students centric and participatory administration, Continuous up- gradation of knowledge with exposure to world view and Formation of humanistic, Scientific and Nationalistic attitude.


  1. The mission of the school is to educate youths for gaining knowledge and competence for its applications in the field of Commerce and business studies including management and transforming them into a professionally, vocationally and ethically sound persona. The School also have mission to impart quality education in the field of business studies with a purpose to accumulate, utilize and spread knowledge to create a pool of capable and motivated educationalists, researchers, administrators, managers, business practitioners, entrepreneurs and innovators in the domain of business in the larger interest of the world of businesses and the society in general.
  • Present Dean
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Prof. Subramanian Shanmugam
Department of Commerce & Business Studies
05.06.2023-Onwards Contact: 0631-2229-000
  • Former Deans
  1. Prof. Brajesh Kumar Tenure: 03.03.2020 to 04.06.2023
Name of Staff Designation Email Telephone/ Extn. No 0631-2229-000