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School of Media Arts and Aesthetics

Human life is nourished by the elements of arts and aesthetics and the media is the center of human communication. The academic study of these aspects is significant so far as the total development of human life is concerned. The objective of learning and teaching is to enhance behavioral patterns and enrich human life in various socio-cultural contexts.

The core idea behind School of Media, Arts and Aesthetics is to develop such master level and research degree programmes which combine various media, culture and art forms together. Since India has a long history of arts and aesthetics, it is imperative to develop curricula which give holistic and practical knowledge to the students. Dance, music, theater, painting, films and media are integral part of any society and Indian culture has a long and very robust heritage. The School of Media, Arts and Aesthetics with its interdisciplinary nature seeks to widen the horizons of understanding of human life which enlarges students’ domain of knowledge and understanding. Besides this the School aims to give hands-on practical knowledge of various forms of media, arts and aesthetics with rigorous industrial training modules.



  1. The school will set global standard for media education, research, extension, training using state of the art technology for building a knowledge driven information society contributing to human development, empowerment and participatory democracy with a localized approach anchored in universal values and ethics.


  1. To create a dynamic learning and working environment which nurtures new ideas, creativity, research and scholarship and develops leaders and innovators in the domain of media and mass communication.
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Prof. Atish Prashar
Department of Mass Communication and Media
03.03.2020-Onwards Contact: 0631-2229-000
  • Former Deans
  1. Nil
Name of Staff Designation Email Telephone/ Extn. No
Mr. Anurag Mishra LDC 9528283750


Reception : 0631 – 2229 530
Admission : 0631 – 2229 514 / 518 – 9472979367


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