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School of Social Science and Policy
The School of Social Sciences and Policy embodies cohesiveness of multiple disciplines that instantly seek its relevance in understanding and analysing human behaviour in an integrated framework. The school has four centres namely Centre for Development Studies, Centre for Economic Studies and Policy, Centre for Sociological Studies and Centre for Political Studies. It continuously endeavours to blend its teaching engagement with empirical research. Academic programmes based on the emerging debates both in the theoretical and empirical planes in respective disciplines also see its engagement in continuous search for building- up a new knowledge base relevant to the developing world particularly. For teaching, research and training, the School of Social Sciences and Policy looks forward to learn from the development experiences of the world at large. In the process, it does not exclude the local economy, society and polity. Its agenda and implementation of the same by way of organizing Seminar, Workshop and Development Dialogue embed the essence of the School.


  1. The School of Social Sciences and Policy of the Central University of South Bihar seeks to make a positive social impact through a global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rest of India through her five academic departments, viz., Development Studies, Economic Studies and Policy, Historical studies and Archaeology, Political Studies and Sociological Studies. The School aims to encourage students to develop an analytical and creative mind with inclusive and global perspectives to serve the society and region.


  1. To create an enabling environment that makes the School of Social Sciences increasingly relevant to national and global
    development through cutting-edge research as well as high quality teaching and learning.
  2. To develop critical thinking among students to comprehend social realities and to make them socially committed learners
  3. To promote and share the resources through academic programmes and outreach and extension activities across wide range of intellectual themes., and,
  4. To promote a holistic learning environment through inter-disciplinary and collaborative learning
  • Present Dean
Name Period Contact Image
Prof. Pranav Kumar
Department of Political Studies
08.08.2023-Onwards Contact: 0631-2229-000
  • Former Deans
  1. Prof. Sankar Kumar Bhaumik, Department of Economic Studies & Policy (27.01.2019- 04.08.2020)
  2. Prof. Krishnan Chalil, Department of Development Studies (05.08.2020- 07.08.2023)
Name of Staff Designation Email Telephone/ Extn. No 0631-2229-000