University Admission, Teaching and Evaluation Committee (UATEC)

University Admission, Teaching and Evaluation Committee (UATEC) is an apex body under the general control and supervision of the Academic Council (AC) (Ordinance-30), for recommending policy and overseeing all matters, such as the framing and implementation of Rules and Regulations, related to admission, teaching, continuous evaluation, maintenance of the records of students, the students’ evaluation of each course taught in the University and any matter like placement, achievements, etc. relating to students.

UATEC members

Prof. Kaushal Kishore

Dean, School of Education


Dr. Krishna Kumar Ojha

Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics


Mr. Nemi Chandra Rathore

Head I/c, Department of Computer Science


Dr. Mayank Yuvaraj

Assistant Librarian


Mr. Pratish Kr. Das

Hindi Officer


Mr. Ashok Kr. Singh

System Analyst

Member Secretary

UATEC minutes