Building & Works Committee

As mentioned in the ordinance-19, the Building and Works Committee is responsible for ensuring the completion of the building in accordance with the approved plans and estimates and proper utilization of the funds received from the UGC, Government and University’s own resources. The Committee is:
  1. Responsible for finalizing the Plans and Estimates of the various Building Projects approved by the UGC, or other funding Agencies, and for proper utilization of the Grants received from the UGC etc.;
  2. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the University Buildings;
  3. Assess the cost of repairs, additions, alteration and demolition of the University Buildings annually and prepare the Budget for the same to be submitted for approval of the Executive Council.
  4. Exercise all such powers, as delegated to it by the Executive Council from time to time and
  5. Constitute one or more Sub Committees to look after any of the functions and responsibilities assigned to it.