‘Regulations’ means the Regulations made by any authority of the university under Central Universities Act – 2009, for the time being in force. This Act allows the authority of the university to make Regulations, consistent with the Act for the conduct of their own business and that of the Committees, if any, appointed by them and not provided for by this Act, The Statutes or the Ordinances, in the manner prescribed by the Statutes.

Any Regulation made by the university will be updated in this page.
Guidelines for Organising Seminars
Guidelines for hosting Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Research Project
Teacher Deputation Policy
Ordinances Relating to the Award of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy


Format for submission of Ph.D. Thesis : [PDF] | [ Word ]
Appointment of two external examiners to evaluate the thesis for the degree of PhD: [ PDF ] | [ Word ]
Cadre Recruitment Rules
Central University of South Bihar Endowment Fund