Professor of Law
Dean Students Welfare is a statutory officer of the rank of a Professor with a rich academic experience and of a record of mature conciliatory interaction with students and carries with them a deep understanding of their day to day problems and common issues. In order to channelize their youthful energy into creative areas the office of the DSW organises numerous programmes which generate social harmony and national unity.
The University has an efficient department designed for the welfare of the students of Central University of South Bihar. The Department organises various activities of every stream of Arts, Cultures and Adventures and the Calendar of activities of the department during session.
The office of the DSW functions as a nodal centre to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus. It is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. It aims at social harmony and campus peace. The students are encouraged to give expression to their talents to enrich our social fabric and improve campus life besides pursuing their academic goal. This aims at shaping students into social assets, ranking them complete citizens alongside their academic accomplishments.
The office of the DSW coordinates different programmes for students e.g. cultural, Sports, Health awareness camps/Literary activities, Annual functions/Education tour, NSS programmes etc.
There is well organised DSW team headed by DSW for girls and boys hostels. We have a full-fledged team of Proctorial Board.
It shall be our collective efforts to make your stay in the University comfortable, while at the same instances we shall expect each students to follow the disciplinary norms laid down by the University and conduct themselves with decency and decorum. The entire machinery of the DSW office is for the welfare of the students and they should feel free to access this office as and when required. We shall do our best to extend assistance and advice as per their need and requirements.

DSW Office

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Mr. Anurag Mishra LDC 8218601421