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The integrated understanding of natural science requires sharing of a number of trans- disciplines. A comprehensive understanding of natural processes entails an integrated study of physical, biological and chemical processes, and their interactions. There are also subsets of cross-disciplinary fields which, by the nature of the problems that they address, have strong currents that run counter to specialization. For instance, in some fields of integrative application, specialists in more than one field are a key part of most dialogs. Keeping in view the thin distinctions between the natural science disciplines, the School of Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences was established to draw upon multiple natural sciences under one umbrella. The School integrates various disciplines vertically. This broadens student’s exposure range to a set of courses leading to conceptual and broad understanding of a single core discipline.

With the addition of the Department of Geology in 2020, there are five departments currently functioning under the umbrella of School of Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences. These are Department of Bioinformatics, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Environmental Sciences, Department of Geology and Department of Life Science. All the five departments offer M. Sc. and doctoral program in respectively discipline. The department of Geography would be added to the School in the coming year.

The School has drawn faculties from diverse background, trained from premier institutes of India and abroad with strong research and teaching inkling.

The course structure of different programmes is a good blend of basic and advanced, classical and applied fields of studies. Students are exposed to computational as well as experimental methods. The summer training, project work, field work and dissertation work provide students ample exposure to various research laboratories as well as industries. Incoming students may select their advisors from several faculty members working in a wide range of areas. Students also benefit from interactions with members of other programs and departments within the University, especially in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cell and molecular Biology, Environmental Biology and Chemistry, Physiology and Endocrinology, and Geological Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science.


  1. To be the leading multidisciplinary academic and research school that fosters an environment, which enhances knowledge, creativity and innovation in Biological, Biomedical, Environmental and Earth sciences for sustainable development.


  1. To Impart quality education in existing and frontier areas of Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences that empowers and transforms students as Educators, Scientists and Entrepreneurs, who understand the present requirements of Society and Industry.
  2. To emphasize applied areas of research adopting computational and experimental approaches, which specifically addresses the needs of the local community and the region.
  3. To promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research and develop a robust research and academic ecosystem in the region.
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  • Present Dean
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Prof. Pradhan Parth Sarthi
Department of Environmental Science
27.01.2022-Onwards Contact: 0631-2229 -
  • Former Deans
  1. Prof. R. S. Rathore, Department of Bioinformatics (27.01.2016- 26.01.2019)
  2. Prof. Ram Kumar, Department of Bioinformatics (27.01.2019- 26.01.2022)
Name of Staff Designation Email Telephone/ Extn. No
Mr. Manish Raj UDC 7488225815


Reception : 0631 – 2229 530
Admission : 0631 – 2229 514 / 518 – 9472979367


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