Notice Regarding End Semester Examination (CUSB/Acad/6-4/2013/ dated 13/05/2021)
Notice Regarding course registration and fee submission of 2nd Semester (CUSB/Acad/2-3/Vol-II/2016/869 dated 15/04/2021)
Notice for Backlog Courses Registration (F.No. CUSB/Acad./5-19/2019/829dated 07/04/2021)
Notice : Regarding Fee Submission (CUSB/Acad/2-3/Vol-II/2016/776 dated 25/03/2021)
Postponement of physical re-opening of CUSB campus
Notice for Backlog Course Registration
Backlog Examination Notice for PhD Student 2019-20
Notice for Elective Exam Schedule (F.No.CUSB/Acad./6-15/2017/750 dated 07/08/2020)
Notice for odd Semester (July-December 2020) (CUSB/Acad/Vol-II/2016/694 dated 10/07/2020)
Important Notice for Students dated 23/06/2020
Notice : Course Assessment (CUSB/Acad/7-40/2016 dated 10.06.2020)
Revised Academic Calendar (CUSB/Acad/6-4/2013/2013/518 dated 14/05/2020)
Notice regarding UFM and Semester Registration (CUSB/Acad/5-19/250 dated 30/01/2020)
Notice regarding Backlog Courses and Semester Registration (CUSB/Acad/5-19/249 dated 30/01/2020)
Notice: Semester Registration and Fee Submission (CUSB/Acad/2-3/Vol-II/2016/1883 dated 27/12/2019)
Submission of Marks Sheet / Grade Report : SWAYAM Platform (F.No.CUSB/Acad/55-1/2018/1855 dated 18/12/2019)
Notice regarding Scholarships F.No.CUSB/Acad/8-1/2013(vol-3)/2016/1614 dated 08/01/2019
Academic Calendar: 2020 (CUSB/Acad/6-4/2013/1655 dated 16/11/2019)
Notice: Submission of Anti-Ragging undertaking (CUSB/Acad./24-3/2013/1377 dated 16/09/2019)
Notice regarding last date of submission of documents
Notice: Regarding backlog examination of Ph.D. course work
Notification: Regarding issuance of New / Duplicate Identity Card (CUSB/924/2019 dated 15/07/2019)
Notice : Submission of Semester Fee (July – December 2019)
Notice: Marksheet not submitted (F.No.CUSB/Acad/ dated 15/5/2019)
Notification: CUSB Regulations relating to Prevention, Punishment and Procedure concerning use of Unfair Means in the Examination – 2019
Notice for fee Submission (CUSB/Acad/2-3/Vol-II/2016/499 dated 16/04/2019)
Attendance Shortfall
Submission of mandatory certificate / documents
Semester Calendar 2018-2019
Notice: Fee Submission / Fee Structure for January to June 2018
Extended Hours of Library Facility
Notice: The Republic of Turkey is inviting online application for Turkey Scholarships of 2017
Notification: Central University of South Bihar Entrance Test (CUSBET) Topper Scholarship – 2016 (CUSB/4690/2016 Dated 28/11/2016)
Notice: Vidyarthi Mediclaim facility – List of Hospitals
Attendance Based Merit Scholarship (Order No.4652/2016 dated 19/11/2016)
Guidelines for students on breakage / loss / damage of lab consumables / equipments (CUSB/Dean/48/2016)
Regarding deposit the academic activities fee (CUSB/Acad/2-3/2016/4619 dated 15/11/2016)
Notice: Submission of self-attested Aadhar card and Aadhar link Bank Account detail (CUB/Acad/47-1/4462/2016 dated 07/10/2016)
Notification : Teacher’s Deputation Committee (No.CUSB/Acad/20-1/2016 dated 07/10/2016)
Notification: Centre for Biological Sciences, Biotechnology (CUSB/Exam/Confidential/44/113/4093/2016 dated 03/08/2016)
Notice: Semester Fee Structure for Ph.D Programme (No. 2814/2016 dated 20/07/2016)
Notice: Fee Structure for July-December 2016
Lok Sabha Internship Programme 2016-2017
Fee Structure for M.Ed. Programmes (Notice: CUSB/M.Ed./3352/2016 dated 25.05.2016)
Continuous Evaluation