CUSB Security System

About CUSB Fire and Security:
Central University of South Bihar takes the security and safety of its students and faculty members very seriously. The CUSB campus, spread over 300 acres, is constantly protected, monitored and surveillance by a multi-tiered, 24X7 integrated security system that is intense yet non-intrusive. The CUSB Security Team is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year – including holidays and academic breaks. The security personnel patrol the campus round-the-clock and IP base high definition CCTV cameras monitor the hostel blocks, academic areas and residential areas in the campus.
An efficient Visitors and material Management System along with hostel out pass system ensures the safety of the Campus community.
All the guards deployed at various buildings are equipped with VHF walkie talkies with a base station at control room.
Within the University Campus, the traffic is regulated and parking earmarked to create designated/exclusive zones for pedestrian movements to support CUSB’s commitment to maintaining Green Campus.
All the buildings in the campus are equipped with automatic integrated alarm based fire-fighting systems manned by qualified fire fighters 24X7.
Integrated Security Command and Control center
University Employee:
1 Sunil Pratap Seurity Officer 7462953490
2 Sunil Kr. Karan Security Inspector 9013080627
1 Binod Prasad sinha Supervisor(outsourced) 9471873187
2 S P gupta Supervisor (outsourced) 9471873187
3 Ramakant Verma Supervisor (outsourced) 9471873187
4 Siddeswar Prasad Supervisor (outsourced) 9471873187
5 Main gate security 9471873187
6 Administration security Security guard 0631-2229530
7 Ashutosh jha Resident engineer CCTV (vantage) 9027279275
8 Quick Response Team 9471873187