Statutes and Ordinances

The Central University act, statute, ordinances and regulations set out the powers of the university, and rules and conduct for its functioning and business. The present statute and ordinances are available as apart of Indian Gazette and available online as well, which is provided here. 


The statute set out the objective and powers of the University and define administrative framework and statutory officers as well as overall academic structure (schools). The statue in essence contain provision for its governance and constitution. The statute of university approved by the visitor, her highness the then president of India Mrs. Pratibha patil and came into force since 2009. Subsequently amendments were made to provide the academic framework and 11 schools were incorporated into the statue.


Ordinances set out rules and regulations and their scope of application covering all aspects of university business and its functioning. The present version of ordinance was approved by the visitor, his highness hon’ble President Mr. Pranab Mukharjee and is a part of gazette of India extra ordinary part-III section 4 No. 305, 17th August, 2016. Additionally, there are academic ordinances, the details of which are given in student page and individual department web pages