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NSS Programme Classification/ Implementation

Two Major Groups of NSS Activities
  • NSS Regular Activities : Under these activities the student undertakes various programmes in the adopted villages, college/school camps and urban slums areas during weekends or after college hours. Duration of these services in each academic year is 120 hrs.
  • Special Camping Programme : Organized during vacation camps of 07 days in adopted villages or urban slums. Local communities are also involved in this project.
A month‐wise action plan – for the effective implementation of NSS activities
Biannual NSS Bulletin – covering the activities carried out by NSS during (2021‐23) is published by Dept.
It is appropriate to remark here that NSS Volunteers have come with enthusiasm to make all programmers’ a great success.

NSS Programme Implementation:

  • An institution will be allotted NSS units according to the strength of students. The number of units will be allotted by the Programme Coordinator in consultation with NSS Regional Centre and State Cooperation Officer considering the demands of the institution. It is expected that the institution will provide necessary facilities for the successful running of the NSS unit because it is a part of the institution.
  • The strength of a unit will be 100 NSS volunteers normally. The strength of the NSS unit can be extended up to 120 volunteers in exceptional cases where second unit cannot be raised due to constraints. It is always preferable that a separate unit is started instead of enrolling more NSS volunteers.
  • In exceptional cases where the total strength of students enrolled is very small, a smaller NSS unit can be started with the strength of 75 NSS volunteers.
  • 50 Senior citizens from all walks of life are given membership of this unit in Needed. All of them are experts in the fields of (1) Medicine (2) Law (3) Engineering (4) Arts (5) Education (6) Administration (7) Defence (8) Journalism (9) Science and Technology and (10) Music. Etc.
  • At university level the NSS volunteers will be enrolled from the first- and second-year degree-class students. Preference should be given to the students who have worked as NSS volunteers at undergraduate as well as +2 levels also.
  • Students belonging to minority communities, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes should be encouraged to participate in NSS. They should be given due representation where more students desire to join NSS.
  • In co-educational institutions the girls should be motivated to join NSS.
  • The students from foreign countries studying in Indian universities should also be encouraged to join NSS so that they may share the experiences of national rebuilding and community work.
NCC cadets will not be allowed to join NSS. Similarly, NSS volunteers will not participate in NCC or any other youth organisation as long as they are in NSS. Same restriction will apply to the NSS Programme Officers also.
The NSS Programme is financed by the public funds. Therefore, the institution should maintain the financial records and registers as required under financial rules and these have to be kept open for inspection and audit. Some important register given bellow.
A register with complete particulars and profile of the students enrolled in NSS should be maintained, unit wise.
This register should have information about the names, sex, SC/ST, and class of NSS students, their interests, and experience in NSS, and other service activities.
  • This register is to be maintained by the Programme Officer with the help of students. It should provide a list of the projects undertaken during the year with complete information on each project, viz; places/area/institutions, target group, number of students (also names) involved in the particular activity and financial allotment, if any, for the particular project.
  • The project register should give a picture of the adopted are – say for instance, village profile or description of the institution and also periodically the outcome of a particular project. For example, if the project is in the area of health education, details of the number of children covered under the immunization programme could be indicated. This record in course of time should reflect on the success or failure of a particular project.
Attendance of student volunteers at the various sessions/camps of NSS must be recorded and their signatures must also be obtained.
  • It will be helpful for each student volunteer to maintain a work diary to note details of area of work, target groups, activities conducted, time spent, problems and plans of further action. NSS student leaders of various projects could give details of the activities and programmes, extra hours spent attendance of the members (volunteers) and target groups.
  • The Programme Officers will send the periodical reports to the NSS Programme Coordinator on the prescribed proforma. The copies of such reports will be endorsed to NSS Regional Centre and State Liaison Officer.
  • Report of special camping projects undertaken by the NSS units may also be sent to the Programme Coordinator under intimation to NSS Regional Centre, State Liaison Officer for information and projection at appropriate level.

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Admission : 0631 – 2229 514 / 518 – 9472979367


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