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Store Section

The most common yet major responsibilities that are carried by Centralized Stores are:
  • Receipt of incoming goods
  • Inspection of all receipts
  • Storage and preservation
  • Identification of all materials stored
  • Materials handling
  • Issue and dispatch
  • Maintenance of stock records
  • Stores accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Stock-taking
Presently, Store Section performs manually various entries such as consumable and non-consumable inventories stock and issued to various departments/ employees.
The Following sections activity at Centralized section
Storing/Warehouse Details: – The details of the location where the inventory is kept i.e. storing/ warehouse details.
Inventory Categories In this section, to view various categories of consumable and non-consumable inventories.
Disposal Categories: In this section, the various categories of disposal items.
Surplus Stores: Items that are in working order but are not required for use in a particular section and stock lying in stores for more than five years shall be deemed as surplus unless there is any good reason to treat them otherwise.
Obsolete Stores: Items in working order but cannot be put into use effectively-being outdated due to changes in technology/design.
Unserviceable Stores: Items which are not in working order, outlived its normal life and are beyond economic repair.
Scrap: Process waste, broken & any other item not covered above but has got resale value.
Empties: Empty containers, crates, bottles, plastic jars, drums, etc.

Add Stock Details

To add a stock (consumable and non-consumable, Bill number and select the date of purchase. Inventory Category whether consumable or non-consumable. Unit of the Inventory e.g. liters, pieces, etc. Unit price, select the Applicable tax. The tax amount and the Total Amount will be automatically generated.

View Inventory stock

The details of the stock and the details of the person to whom the stock is issued.

Issue an inventory to any user

To issue an inventory to three types of employees/department
Employee: Teaching employees.
Administrative: Non- teaching employees.
Department:- various department of CUSB.
Name of staff Designation e-mail Telephone /Ext. No. Images
Mr. Pratish Kumar Das Deputy Registrar 0631-2229522
Mr. Amit Kumar Assistant Registrar (Purchase) 0631-229519
Mr. Lalkrishna Vivekanand Section Officer 208